Saturday 3 September 2016

The Federasts do not realise just how stupid they are

I am getting very worried about the Federasts, I really am.  Being stupid is one thing, but your average Federast is so thick that he thinks he's clever, and that is the root of all the problems that they have. I commented on this in One Man's Brexit, but it is ceasing to be funny and has become a bit pathetic.They really do need to come to terms with their utter stupidity, because only then can they begin to come to terms with the reality of their defeat.

I was in Manchester the other day, having a pint in a pub, and some woman sat at the next table saw my Brexit T-shirt. She leaned forward and asked me in a deep and serious tone if I had really voted to leave the EU. When I said that I had she leaned forward still further, and asked me what Brexit meant - so I told her that it meant leaving the fucking European Union!

During the campaign I once pointed out on Facebook that all my sons are native Spanish speakers, and that Spanish is the language that we all use when we are together. Quick as a flash a Federast jumped up and argued that I was denying my Spanish sons the right to move to the UK! People, I do not have Spanish sons, since being a Spanish speaker is not the same as being Spanish. My sons are all Mexican, and none of them give a stuff about the EU, or Spain come to that. Besides, they all have UK and Mexican passports so can come and go as they please to both countries.

The Federasts only started their campaign to stay in the EU the day after the polls closed, and now they have set up an outfit called Open Britain to try and reverse the decision. The problem is that is a long established site that aims at encouraging disabled people to come and visit Great Britain, and if you put Open Britain into Google it is that site which comes up first. The silly sods could not even come up with a name for their Federast front that someone else had not come up with years before them.

So come on, Federasts: if you are serious about reversing the vote, then start by analysing where you went wrong in the first round. That means facing up to the fact that you really are as thick as two short planks.
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