Monday 5 October 2015

Tories get eggstatic welcome to Manchester

Manchester is infested with Tories at the moment, which is terrible for a city that does not have a single councillor from that scummy collection of two-legged cockroaches. That said, I reckon that yesterday's incident when the head of one of the party's prettier little boys got in the way of a flying egg was a bit of a yolk.

Think about it, the Tories sent out four contestants in the upper class twit of the year contest to stand outside the massive steel barricades that have been erected to protect such creatures from the people's distaste.

The four stooges seem to have been egged on by a rather tasty bit of blonde totty until eventually the inevitable happened, whereupon they all took their hooks back inside the barricaded security zone.

You can watch the whole, daft, put-up job if you want by clicking this link. The blonde piece appears at about the twenty second mark and was not too happy about about being filmed, by the way.

Enough of this merry banter: the city centre rooftops are now covered with sniper positions just to make sure that nobody throws any more eggs:

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