Thursday 10 November 2016

Reflections on the Revolution in America and Free Beer

I didn't have a bet on Brexit, 'cos I didn't think that we would win, but the American vote was too good to miss so I invested a few quid and walked away with sixty spendalucks when Trump strolled to victory.

Was I sure of the victory to come? No, but I figured that if America was in a full Brexit mode then the men in West Virginia who work deep underground digging coal might just turn out in force. That coal is sent to power the Pennsylvania smelting plants, so to succeed my bet needed those workers to haul themselves off to vote. Then the newly smelted steel goes to Detroit to build the muscle cars that America loves, so I had high hopes that the Michigan workers would join the growing throng. They all did, so I got myself some free beer.

Looking ahead, I doubt if Trump will actually build a real bricks and mortar wall on the Mexican border, but he will probably put up an electronic thing and call it the wall. He certainly doesn't give a stuff about all the green bollocks that the middle class wank like chimps over any more than we do, so that is good for coal and other heavy industries. That means support for real jobs that are productive of  the finished goods that come about when labour is applied to raw materials. 

The liberal middle classes are in meltdown just as they were after our Brexit victory, which is an entertainment all in itself. I note that some of them have been smashing windows and trying to riot, so I live in hopes that we will have a replay of 1972 when the Nixon voting hard hats turned out to slap the parents of today's demonstrators down. There could very well be another great wailing and smashing of teeth as those parasitic creatures are put back firmly in their place, which should make for good TV viewing here in the UK.

Finally, of course, the USA has as much a mature, developed polity as we do in the UK, so the sun will continue to shine as the institutions of America continue to function under their new, 45th President. There will then be a 46th in the fullness of time, and four years down the road when they repeat the whole exercise people will look back on the events of the 8th November 2016 and wonder what all the fuss was about.

Yet the Americans made history just like we did on the 23rd June 2016. The ordinary people in both countries did that by taking on a polity and demanding that it start to answer to their demands, rather than merely pandering to those of the parasitic middle classes.

All in all 2016 has been a revolutionary year in its own little way.

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