Wednesday 9 November 2016

Donald Trump's Victory Represents Brexit on Steroids

As the smoke clears over yesterday's American electoral battlefield three things are clear. First that Donald J. Trump will become the next President of the USA, secondly that the Republicans will control both Houses of Congress as well as all the Southern state legislatures, and finally that I have won £60 off William Hill for my bets on Trump. Of the three I reckon that the last is the most important to me.

For our country, the most important matter is that exactly a month ago, Dan DiMicco, Donald Trump's trade adviser pledged that the UK would be first in line for a trade deal with the USA, at the same time as he rejected the idea of free trade between the USA and the EU. We should remember that Obama said that we would be at the "back of the queue" for any trade deals if we left the EU. We rejected that blackmail in June and now events in the USA show that as far as America is concerned we were right to do that. 

What happened yesterday was a continuation of our Brexit vote, but on steroids.The ordinary people who either work in the private sector or are done over by it, gave a bit of payback to the people who have done so very well out of the new, globalised order. 

So yesterday was a victory for what the Americans call the hard hats. The men who dig deep under the soil of West Virginia to hack out the coal that goes to power a Pennsylvania smelting plant where the steel is produced that goes to build the Detroit muscle cars. All union men to the core, and proud to display their badges to prove it.

The defeated in America are of the same type as those who were defeated in the UK in our Brexit vote back in June. I call them the polyocacy, the parasitic class from the crappier institutions that degrade the name of university. They used to their willingness to sit around in boring meetings to take over both the Democrats in the USA and Labour in the UK, and they made them their parties and not ours.

They implicitly support globalisation as the rulers in both Britain and the USA are willing to allow members of the polyocracy to have plenty of well-paying non-jobs at the public's expense. They love the influx of third worlders because it creates more jobs for the polyocracy, especially in the teaching trade and social work industry. They also deny that this influx is directly responsible for the lack of well-paying, unionised jobs for us.

Yesterday they were schlonged, as the American say, or given a right hard shafting as we put it. Yesterday was in so many ways, a very good day for ordinary people indeed.

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