Sunday 13 November 2016

When Clinton Betrayed Her followers

When a general has to surrender his army then he has one final task to perform: he has to stand in front of his soldiers and tell them that it was not their fault and that he is proud of their service. Throughout history many generals have performed that task with dignity, even though they were being torn up inside. It is the least they can do for the men that they have led to defeat.

On Tuesday the 8th November 2016 Hillary Clinton failed that task. Instead of going out to speak to her anguished followers who had gathered in New York to see her, she sent John Podesta, the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, to speak on her behalf.

She had already spoken to Donald Trump and conceded the election to him, she had surrendered in other words, but she did not have the moral courage to face her supporters. Instead, by all accounts, she went into meltdown and cried hysterically backstage.

By the manner of her response to her defeat, she showed that she was unworthy of holding the nation's highest office. 

America has had a narrow miss and can congratulate itself that it does not have to worry about her ever again.

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