Monday 12 May 2014

How to get under middle class skin

It's always nice to score a hit on capitalism's dogs. I did it with Norman Tebbit the other day and now it seems that I have managed it again with a Telegraph hack who has been moaning about wicked trades' unions. Here's my comment:

Lemme think... 

Sooner rather than later, some bright spark is going to come up with a computer programme that can churn out commentaries like this. The Barclay Brothers will jump for joy and order a minion to create names for their new virtual click baits. Photoshop will then be used to create the image of each virtual hack and the profits for the brothers will go through the roof. Meanwhile you'll be flipping burgers... 

This is the reason why we have unions, because management are scum who are only interested in enriching themselves and pauperising us. That is why you should cheer the tube workers on. They show that we do not have to take lip from the bosses; we can stand up to them and make them dance to our tunes.

Unless of course you want to flip burgers for minimum wage when your bosses get those computer programmes?

Amazingly enough the Telegraph deleted that quite reasonable comment. They didn't edit it down, they just removed it.

The truth must hurt.

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