Sunday 11 May 2014

What's with Uncle Joe?

You may be wondering why I now have this rather engaging photo of dear old Uncle Joe Stalin on my blog. Yes, that's him, not only gracing this post, but also keeping an eye on the blog from his permanent perch over on top of my left sidebar. I mean, where else could he go, but on the left?

The reason why I have the bust is quite simple: a friend went to that part of Ukraine that still believes in the good old cause and brought it back for me a couple of years ago. 

I posted the photo on my sidebar because it occurred to me that now that the blog is picking up a lot of hits due to my political postings, there was a danger that we might get some Trotscum infesting the site to leave idiotic comments. I tend to be tolerant towards the cardigan wearing Poujadists who make up UKIP as they are figures of fun, but Trots have always left me feeling in need of a bath. The photo should remind them of what utter losers they are every time that they see it.

Besides, since two crossed knives buried under a door are said to keep witches out of a house, I figured that a nice photo of dear old Uncle Joe may do the same with Trots.

If any of them do get through then I will not censor their deranged ramblings, but they are warned that I consider it my duty to take the piss out of such people at any and all opportunities.

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