Friday 2 May 2014

How not to support the union in the Scottish independence debate

I cannot figure this video out at all. It was made by an outfit called Vote No To Borders which presents itself as a grass roots alternative to the various nationalist groups, and claims to be presenting a positive set of opinions as to why Scotland should remain within the UK. It was set up by a John Malcolm, who comes over as a comfortable businessman who knows where his bread it buttered. 

Watch the video, which shows a fellow named Edward, and which only runs for 90 seconds. Edward is a husband, father and worker, and for the first minutes he comes over very well. Then he makes a point about playing golf with a nationalist friend who was "going on about unis, and further education and the health service, stuff like that." Meanwhile Edward was "just trying to beat him," at golf. In other words, he does not seem to care about his children's future, at least that is the impression given by his own words. And this site is all about getting people to support the union?

My first reaction was that this site was a gamer, set up by the nationalists to further discredit the unionists, but Craig Murray has spent a happy morning investigating Vote No To Borders, and it seems that the site is sort of genuine. 

That is to say it is a unionist site, but there is nothing grassroots about it. The company behind it is registered in London, with two directors: Malcom Offord, who has donated at least £120,000 to the Tory Party, and Fiona Gilmore, who is an executrix of a PR company which specialises in "country branding." Finally, the domain was registered by Gary Waple, a right banker who is employed by the Prudential Regulatory Authority of the Bank of England!

Back to the drawing board, folks!

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