Thursday 22 May 2014

Going to vote in the European elections

Political parties in Scotland seem to be allowed to have their propaganda outside the polling stations, and as you can see from this photo that I grabbed at about 4.0pm today, the Tories, Lib-Dems and SNP took advantage of that to try and remind a few people to vote for them. The Labour Party seemed not to have bothered, but it didn't matter as I had no intention of voting for any of the old gang.

On my way to vote I was trying to convince myself that I should put aside my differences with UKIP and vote for them, as I knew that it would wind up all the right people.

Then I decided that it really didn't matter as the European Parliament is a joke, anyway, so I voted for No2EU. That way I got to flip the finger to both the pure at heart who just love the multi-culti society that the EU represents, as well as drop a ripe fart in the direction of the cardigan wearing Kippers.

A couple of people were voting when I arrived, and someone arrived just after me, so it looks as if people took the opportunity of the rain lifting to go and vote. Looking at the voter's lists that were on the desk, I could see the people who had already voted and been crossed of the list. From that quick glance I would reckon that perhaps ten percent have voted today.

Let's hope that most of them have voted for protest parties.

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