Sunday 4 May 2014

Sunday Herald backs independence

The Sunday Herald is the first newspaper to break ranks and cast in its lot with the Scottish independence movement, and today's edition which broke the news has pretty much sold out everywhere. Until now, big business was pretty monolithic in its support for the union, but now that one brick has been taken out of the wall, we can expect to see others joining the independence bandwagon.

It cannot be long before the major unionist political figures in Scotland start to jump ship, with the betting being on some senior members of the Labour Party being the first.

You can understand their point of view. If Scotland votes yes then who would want to vote for a politician who did not support the people's will? The decision as to when and how the jumping will take place is going to be carefully considered, and I reckon that several will make the move together. There is safety in numbers and all that, and each politico will need to reassurance of a pack around them when the announcement is made.

The ground is starting to shift in the independence debate.

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