Tuesday 3 May 2016

Will Lesley Hinds be able to save her deposit in Edinburgh Northern and Leith?

What is laughingly called the Lesley Hinds campaign, is going from bad to worse, much to the amusement of the punters in Edinburgh Northern and Leith.

First of all, the Billy-no-mates of Scottish Labour politics was photographed standing with only a cat for company a couple of weeks ago. Amiable old Uncle Ken can now report that the cat's name was Gizmo, and he is reported to have died, presumably from the shame of it all.

She then decided to run a community empowerment event in Newhaven, but only two people bothered to turn up. As the journalist who reported this story said, neither of them thought to bring their dog along to make up the numbers. And Gizmo couldn't wander into the hall, being still dead.

Edinburgh Northern and Leith has been a Labour seat ever since Holyrood was established in 1999, but she is now certain to lose it on Thursday of this week. However, the question that people in the division are now asking is, will Lesley Hinds be able to even save her deposit?

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