Saturday 30 April 2016

The day my window became a tourist attraction

Well, as of today, my front window is a tourist attraction. People have been stopping, taking photos with their mobile 'phones, calling their mates to tell them to come and have a look, and generally providing me with an ever increasing level of laughs.

It's obviously the posters that are getting to them, but they have been up since the 31 March, and none of my neighbours has even mentioned them. That's probably because they are sick and tired of me bending their ears about the need to ensure that the list vote is used to try and ensure that Holyrood is more responsive to public opinion, which a double vote for the SNP would not do, but never mind that now.

What's going on is that today is the last Saturday of the month and my street has a trendy food festival which all good Leithers ignore, but which pulls people in from the more salubrious parts of Edinburgh. They are the ones who have decided to take in interest in Uncle Ken's window display.

Folks, we have two votes on Thursday, so I am splitting my vote!

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