Monday 4 April 2016

Introducing Jack Caldwell, the independent choice for Edinburgh Northern & Leith

At just 22, Jack Caldwell is probably the youngest candidate standing for my seat of Edinburgh Northern & Leith. He's also an independent, so certainly needs all the publicity he can get. He comes over an an amiable fellow, with a heart that is clearly in the right place, so here's his appeal for your vote, written exclusively for this here blog of mine:

My name's Jack Caldwell and I'm standing as an independent candidate for Edinburgh Northern and Leith. I've lived in the area for nearly 20 years and work at the Out of the Blue Drill Hall in Dalmeny Street. 

I started this campaign back in October when I took a look at the lukewarm offerings from Scottish Labour and the Scottish National Party and thought that there needed to be someone who has been through the current school system and incarnation of the mental health services (I was diagnosed with Asberger's Syndrome in 1995), and fight for people who perhaps can't naturally  speak out against services they rely on receiving poor treatment. 

As well as that, now I see we need someone representing this diverse area who won't be getting whipped to think along party lines. As it stands, there is only one independent candidate in all of Edinburgh.

I believe Edinburgh Northern and Leith has been harshly hit by council cuts, which has resulted in an increase of litter and a rise in social, economic and health issues, among many other trends which I've detailed on my website. These cuts come from the City of Edinburgh Council consistently having it's funding slashed by Holyrood, headed by a government which claims to be opposing austerity. Of course, tracking the economic inequalities from there opens another layer of worm-filled barrels.

Instead of falling into the classic politicians trap and playing the blame game, my campaign is focussed on positive ways forward to tackle growing inequality, poverty, health (and specifically mental health) funding cuts, and to move away from September 2014, which I'm sure few of the other parties are wanting to do just now for a multitude of reasons.

I was one of the first people in the 2016 Scottish Parliament election to pledge a 1 pence tax rise to protect public services and the still the only to centre my campaign around the bread-and-butter local issues which are as important as voting on legislation, such as pushing the council to extend the trams to Leith Walk, Newhaven and Granton. Feel free to take a look at my manifesto for a whole page dedicated to tackling issues that are unique to Edinburgh Northern and Leith, something no party manifesto contains.

 Jack Caldwell
The independent choice for Edinburgh Northern & Leith.

Twitter: @jackformsp
Take part in a campaign that promotes civil liberties, government transparency and is against budget slashing!

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