Friday 8 April 2016

Sexy Mexican cops on patrol

You have to love the Guardian for knowing exactly what type of clickbait is needed to bring the punters in, all frothing at the mouth, and clicking away like buggery. Sexism is usually a good one, but sexism coupled with state power is far better. Hence the non-story about a former Mexican general called Rolando Eugenio Hidalgo Eddy, who set up a police group made up entirely of tasty totty and then dressed them in a way that maximised their attributes.

Actually, he did it twice, once in  Aguascalientes, and then in Querétaro, and his Aguascalientes girls earned the approval of President Enrique Peña Nieto, who was only too happy to be photographed with some of them during his 2013 visit to the city:

When Hidalgo left his Aguascalientes post, the girls lost their high heels, but still parade in uniforms that are both clean and well-fitting, unlike those worn by most Mexican plods.

What the poor Guardian does not realise is that nobody in Mexico has any interest in Western notions of professionalism, because that is not what work is about in any shape of form.

Work is about doing what you have to do to get the most amount of money for the least amount of effort, and it always has been.

Go to any government office - and if you are a foreigner then you will have to fairly regularly -  and you are pretty much guaranteed to see some drop-dead gorgeous girls who spend their time chatting to each other and anyone else they fancy. They will be the mistresses of some middle ranking fellows in the office. I say middle ranking because the girls have to actually show up  from time to time, even thought they don't have to do any work. If their men were really important then they would be able to draw their government salaries without having to show up.

That's life in Mexico, so complaining about it is a waste of time.

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