Thursday 12 May 2016

Edinburgh Leftists meet to discuss our Leave campaign

Here I am, meeting Nigel Griffiths yesterday at an informal get together  to discuss the fight against the Federasts in Edinburgh, which was an event worth attending. Nigel was the Labour MP for Edinburgh South until he retired in 2010 and he is one of the senior figures in the Scottish Leave campaign.

As you can see, we had a pretty good turnout for the informal meet, greet and drink beer event, and I ended up chatting to the local Communist Party of Britain organiser, who told me in all seriousness that he had just met a Tory who had somehow found his way to the pub. Given that the CPB probably has more members than the Tories in my part of the world I was most impressed by that.

So the evening rolled along, with 'phone numbers and e-mails being exchanged and rounds being bought. Some kind soul had managed to wangle a stock of Wetherspoons 50p off vouchers for the beer, so the evening turned out to be even cheaper than it normally would be in a a local 'Spoon.

Let battle commence - as soon as we sober up!

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