Friday 13 May 2016

Brexit is in your hands

On the 23 June 2016 ordinary people like you will have the future of the country in your hands. Between now and then you will be subject to a barrage of lies and threats from the employers, the employers' men and all those politicians who represent the employers. Every single one will tell you the same thing: that you must vote Remain and continue living in the shit.

The newspapers and television will be full of horror stories that will come at you thick and fast. Every day there will be new tales, with often different horror stories being fed to different newspapers, so that it will seem as if  a great tidal wave of terror is about to wash over you. Unless you vote Remain, that is. Then all will be sweetness and light.

This tactic was used to pressure the Scots into voting No in 2014, and believe you me, if you think that the hysteria is bad now, wait until the final two weeks of the campaign, because then it will get a  lot, lot worse. Then the Federasts will throw caution to the winds and hit you with everything that they can.

People who try to argue back will find that they are wasting their time because by the time they have researched their answers the news cycle will have moved on to other hysterical, over-the-top allegations of doom and gloom. The Federasts do not want to debate - all they want to do is scare you into voting as they want.

The best thing to do is not even try to debate with them. Just work on the assumption that you can always tell when they are telling porkies, 'cos they move their lips when they speak. From Heath who sold out our fishing industry to get into the EEC in the first place, right up to Blair and the gang who said that Poland would only be sending a manageable number of incomers every year, the Federasts will say anything to keep the UK in the EU. Their place in society relies on it, just as your place at the very bottom of the heap is conditional upon Britain remaining as part of a never changing system.

Of course, the campaign of fear will have its effect on some people. Amusingly enough, they will probably be the anally retentive, saloon bar fascist  types with their buttoned up cardigans who wear ties at home, and who are married to women with faces like well kept graves and cast-iron perms. On polling day the men will stop moaning about the EU, the immigrants who drive down the value of houses or the scroungers who are all raking it in courtesy of their taxes. Their wives will stop peeking out from behind the lacy curtains in the front room at the people across the street who never work, but have a big car outside their door and are always going on holidays. Then together they will go to the polling station with their smacked arse facial expressions firmly in place and vote to remain in the European Union.

They did it in 1983 when Labour had a manifesto commitment to leave the European Union. They did it again in 2015 when they dumped UKIP and voted Tory, having spent years boring the rest of us to tears with pledges that they would never, ever vote Tory again.

It is what you expect from the middle class, as they are people who haven't got the balls to be workers, nor the brass to be gaffers. These precious suburban souls in the middle can only pray that the wealthy leave them with a bit of prosperity and a sizeable police force to ensure that the rest of us are kept down.

On the 23 June 2016 the middle class will, by and large, crawl to the polling stations and vote Remain, like the good, obedient little doggies that they are. In return they will be allowed to keep their pathetic bits of prosperity, and given leave to continue pissing on the people below them. They are the people who resented the gains that we made in the thirty years or so years after the Second World War, and wanted to put clear blue economic water between us and them. So they voted time and time again for governments that would do just that. Thank God we are rid of them and can stand entirely on our own in the battle to come.

So it will fall to you to free your country. Brush aside the cowards and the crawlers: all they want to do is give the country more of the same, and more of the same for you means that your children will live in the same shit as you. It's time to end it now.

The road ahead will be long, and there is no guarantee that we will emerge as the victors from the political chaos that will occur as soon as we vote Leave. What we can be sure about is that there will be political chaos and out of that chaos there will be the opportunity for major changes.

If any nasty piece of work asks you why you voted Leave on the 23 June 2016, tell him you did it to create that chaos and that opportunity, that a better country might emerge from the wreckage.

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