Tuesday 31 May 2016

Why Scotland Should Leave The EU - now available to download

Why Scotland Should Leave The EU is now available to download from Amazon. It is permanently free to subscribers of Amazon Unlimited, and starting tomorrow, Tuesday, from just after 9.00am it will be free for everyone until Sunday morning.

The 6,000 word e-pamphlet looks at the issue of independence from Brussels through a Scottish eye, so if you don't live in Scotland, please tell your family and friends up here who do as they might want to read it.

Far too much of this debate seems to only concern England, but there are lots of good reasons why Scotland should vote Leave, reasons which are only applicable to Scotland. 

For instance, the fisheries, including fishery protection, are wholly devolved matters, but Scotland has to take orders from Brussels over how the bounty of the sea is harvested. Form the moment that the UK is free of those tentacles, all the fishing waters then become the sole responsibility of the Scottish Government.

Just think of the jobs that would be created if the bulk of those waters were reserved for Scottish boats, crewed by Scottish fishermen. 

All this and more is covered in Why Scotland Should Leave The EU - so grab it now!

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