Saturday 28 May 2016

Last Saturday in May and Brexit is winning the Edinburgh ground war

Saturdays are Brexit days in Edinburgh, and here is today's group photo from my usual stall in the centre of the city. 

Demetrios is back after two weeks in Greece, sorting out his taxes over there. Taxes that as he said will go straight to the Germans. He likes to tell people that we are setting an example that he hopes Greece will follow in giving the two fingered salute to the whole rotten structure that is the EU.

People are starting to clue in to just how important this is, as well as just how awful the Federasts are. A few people told me today that the idea that a Third World War will break out if we leave the EU just cracked them up. People resent being treated like gullible fools who will believe whatever nonsense the Federasts can dream up, so that line has probably been worth a few more tens of thousands of votes to the Brexit side.

My reply today to those comments was to tell people that if they thought it was bad now, then they should just hang on another week until the Federasts really start getting nervous - then we will really see some examples of hysteria in action.

All in all, today was a good day, with more and more people coming up to the stall and asking for lapel badges to wear. My group started to run out, but luckily more are on the way for next week. If today is anything to go by, we will need all the badges we can get. 

The SNP were out in part of the city, but their activists refused to campaign for the Federast side as the leadership wanted. Eventually a compromise was reached that allowed the bulk of them to hand out SNP leaflets and try to sign up new members, with the few out and out Federasts in each group giving away special SNP branded Federast propaganda.

As things stand on the last weekend in May, Brexit is winning the ground war handsomely. It's on to June now, with Independence Day on the horizon.

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