Saturday 21 May 2016

Edinburgh Leave campaign branches out into Leith

Today the group of Edinburgh Brexiteers that I belong to put out three stalls in Scotland's capital, one of which was in Leith, which is where I live. Not only that, but there is a damn fine pub just 50 years from where the stall was located, so once we had finished handing out leaflets, we went and quenched our raging thirsts with a pint or three.

Since today was Cup Final day and since Hibs who are the local team were in the final against Rangers, it was probably not a good day for campaigning, but there were enough women about doing their shopping who were willing to take the leaflets to make the day worthwhile. The fact that they were accompanied by men who were all looking at their watches with a air of wanting to be in a pub with a big screen TV only shows that the good men of Leith have their priorities set correctly. 

The day was made even nicer by the news that the Federasts could only manage one stall in the whole of Edinburgh, and that stall only had one solitary man standing there with his leaflets.

Why not come along next Saturday and join is? Our main stall is always in Waterloo Place, near the Duke of Wellington's statue. Just turn up between 11.00am and 2.00pm and join the gang.

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