Thursday 12 May 2016

Life after Brexit

It is funny the way in which the Federasts who want this country to remain under the thumb of Brussels think that they can predict the future. They fill the newspapers and television screens with their lurid fantasies about how terrible life will be, but the simple truth is that they don't really know what will happen once the country is independent anymore than I do.

Certainly the middle class who have taken control of the Labour Party and who tell us that the Tories will remain in power forever unless we remain under the cold hand of Brussels are talking utter bollocks of the highest order. The notion that the political class, all of them, right across the board, will just be able to carry on as if nothing has happened after the people have just rejected the cornerstone of over half a century of political and economic policy is just too ludicrous to take seriously.

Just think about what is likely to happen starting on the morning of the 24 June 2016, when we all wake up to the first day of a free country.

First of all, by demanding that the country becomes independent once more, you, and people like you, will be in a position to demand long-term changes to the way that the country is run. The political class who support the European Union, and the employers' organisations who do so as well out of it, will all have been discredited just by your simple act of refusing to be intimidated and casting your ballot to leave the EU. You will have seen through all their fairy stories and by voting to leave you will have demonstrated your complete and utter contempt for every single one of them.

The politicians especially will have to start listening to you for once because they will be quite simply shitting their loads. They will be afraid of what you might do next, having got the taste of power in your mouths. You can imagine that Labour politicians will start scampering to come up with policies that appeal to us and to people like us. Regulation of the economy, nationalisation of industries to ensure that workers people get a decent screw for the first time in well over a generation, all that and more will suddenly appear back on the agenda again.

The Tories will have more to fear from a population that is no longer on its knees, so can be expected to scramble quickly to catch up with Labour.  They have done it before, in the couple of decades after the Second World War, when Tory leaders were only too happy to appease the working class by levying higher taxation on the middle class, so they have previous form for that.

Of course they won't do that because they love us, but because we will have made them afraid. To protect their own positions in society they will look for policies that will buy us off and keep us happy, but so long as those policies involve decent wages and good terms and conditions, why should we care about their motives? I always took the view that management scum could not buy me, but they could rent my services for an agreed number of hours a week, just so long as the bastards were not too lippy and paid me a decent screw. I suspect that most working people think like that, and so they should.

Now it may be that you are happy doing a shit job, for a shit wage, for a shit gaffer, in which case then of course you should vote to stay in the European Union. On the other hand, if you want something better, if you can just smell the opportunities that independence might bring, then you should go to the polling station on the 23 June 2016 and vote to leave the European Union for once and for all.

Seriously, your life cannot get any worse than it is already, and there is the possibility of good times ahead.

What's not to like about that?

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