Sunday 1 March 2020

What Are We to Make of This Chinese Virus?

I read somewhere that people are buying chest freezers so that they can stock up with more food. I didn't believe that but going to the big Tesco yesterday morning changed my mind.

The place was near empty so I was able to wander around quite happily and even pause for a natter with various workers who I have got to know over the years.

I made a comment about the seeming press overreaction to one worker and she answered that the panic exists, but it involves people buying food for delivery and that the deliverymen are rushed off their feet with enough overtime to keep anyone happy. She then pointed out all the empty spaces on the shelves where frantic staff are filling trolleys to load onto the vans and there are not enough of them to keep the shelves fully stocked. So, the panic is happening, it is just not happening in the stores where regular punters like me can see it.

I still reckon that a well-stocked pantry is enough, along with a wad of dosh in a wallet under the bed. The world is not gonna end, so let's relax.

With that in mind, I can't face the thought of doing a daily commentary on items from the press, but I have decided that the Coronavirus might turn out to be something important so I will restart the blog and comment on the things that I see in Edinburgh.

Just don't expect many commentaries as this could all blow over very quickly.

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