Friday 20 March 2020

The Crisis Hits GP Surgeries

The Coronavirus crisis appears to have reached the GP surgeries, at least it has at mine, in Edinburgh. I went in to pick up a prescription on Wednesday and found a rope across the entrance with a bloke stood behind it dishing out prescriptions and giving advice. Mine was not ready and I was told to return the following day.

Come Thursday, the place was shut, and the telephone lines were busy for most of the day. When I did finally get through I was told that the surgery will be closed until further notice, but my prescription could be sent to the chemist of my choice.

Today, as the final icing on the cake, I went to the chemist and was told that my prescription for elastic socks that I wear to help the blood circulation in my lower legs cannot be fulfilled as the socks are ordered from Germany and God knows when they will arrive as that country is in lock-down.

I am sure that by next week the surgery will have figured out some way of opening without running the risk of infecting all and sundry inside with the Coronavirus, but for now, it really is a case that people are being left to their own devices.

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