Wednesday 4 March 2020

The Chinese Virus Inspired Panic Buying is not General

I enjoy going shopping late at night when the roads are clear and the supermarkets are almost empty. I did a big shop the other night at a Tesco and the shelves were not full by any means. As I reported in my last posting, people are having stuff delivered to their homes, according to a Tesco worker.

Yesterday I went to a Lidl to pick up some milk, and the place was empty in mid-afternoon and all the shelves were fully stocked. Speaking to a worker there - in Spanish of course - I discovered that Lidl sales are actually not all that great. They are not bad, just not what you expect if people are panic buying in large numbers.

Then I realised that Lidl do not do home deliveries and the panickers are trying to avoid leaving their homes.

What I think this means is that a section of the middle class, who can skive off work easily and afford to pay for home deliveries, are sat in their houses shitting their loads. Meanwhile, the people who actually work for a living are going about their normal routines, oblivious to it all.

I have a feeling that this restarting the blog idea may turn out to have been a false alarm as the Chinese virus may turn out to be something and nothing.

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