Wednesday 25 March 2020

The Coronavirus Hits the Postal Service

A parcel arrived for me this morning about an hour before the mail is usually delivered. Chatting to the postman, he told me that the reason was that his depot is sixteen men down owing to dry coughs, high temperatures or both together. The virus has not been confirmed, but the fellows have been told to stay at home, or have made the decision for themselves. So my postie is doing two deliveries a day, hence his early arrival. It seems that we will only get mail on three days a week since the men are just not available to handle the deliveries.

In the afternoon I went to my local post office that is located inside a shop. Only one woman was working with all the other staff either being in their homes or working in other post offices that otherwise would have no staff at all.

The postal workers really are in the front line when it comes to infection risks and if this carries on it is likely that this vitally important service will be reduced to a skeleton operation or even suspended altogether.

Shit is getting real as the Americans say.

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