Tuesday 31 March 2020

Coming To Terms With Coronavirus Life

As the lockdown continues I see that a herd of wild Kashmiri goats that normally live on a Welsh mountain have decided to visit Llandudno and seem to be enjoying themselves as well as providing free entertainment for the people watching their antics from inside their houses.

I went shopping on Sunday and noticed that although the main roads are bereft of pedestrians, the side streets are full of them, with a small green that has benches and children's swings being full of people taking in the early spring sunshine.

The main road to the supermarket seemed to have more than its usual amount of traffic for a Sunday, with entrance to the Tesco that was my destination being strictly controlled to keep the numbers shopping manageable. My son had ordered his food online, so all we had to do was collect it from the area reserved for online orders. Getting a slot was easy, so it looks as if the panic is over.

Scottish humour is up and running with this video doing the rounds and providing laughs for all who see it.

That said, not everyone finds it easy to work from home, as this doorman discovered to his cost:

Other people have given up bothering and are slowly but surely trying to get back to normal, especially the self-employed. My gardener texted me two weeks ago to say that he was going into hibernation until the crisis was over, but he has now decided to start mowing lawns again as of this week, so my grass will be cut the week after next.

Life goes on as it has to do.

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