Monday 23 March 2020

Further Proof That Shops are Recovering From the Chaos

The bog roll aisle today at my local Tesco was no longer filled with easter eggs in a desperate attempt to avoid that section of the shop looking so sad and forlorn. True, they are kitchen towels and not actual toilet rolls and not all that many of them, but they will do as bog rolls at a pinch and I suspect that is why people were buying them. 

We also had pasta back for the first time in over a week as you can see in this photo. Most of the supply had been purchased before I got there, hence the empty boxes, but there was still a reasonable supply left and nobody was fighting to get the packs, either. 

Elsewhere in the shop, there was a good stock of chilled pasta, and signs everywhere that supplies are now getting through and their sale rigorously controlled. Tesco is restricting sales to a maximum of three for most items, and the punters seem to be accepting that edict with equanimity, as they should.

All in all, the shop was nearly empty of punters and those who were there were not frantically buying whatever they could grab. There was an air of calmness about the place, helped by the army of new staff who have been taken on and who all seem very nice indeed. The lack of customers meant that the staff were more than happy to chew the fat with me and the general consensus is that the worst is over and that supplies are slowly but surely getting back to normal.

And the sun was shining over Edinburgh today, just to make it all seem very jolly indeed.

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