Friday 31 January 2020

The Brexit Hour Has Come

We are now free of the European Union and for those of us who voted for this moment in 2016 and who then went on to break the habit of a lifetime by voting for the Conservatives in 2019, it is time for the celebratory gloating to begin.

Of course, if you are reading this and are also a defeated Federast then you may not find this moment a cause for much celebration.

Never mind, you win some and you lose some. The fact that you had everything going for you and still managed to fuck things up gives us more to chuckle about, but we do feel your pain:

Actually, no, we don't feel your pain at all, 'cos sad-arsed losers deserve nothing but the contempt of the victors. You had all the main parties, the CBI, the TUC, most of the media and Uncle Tom Cobbly and all - yet still, you contrived to lose in 2016.

So you put your faith in Gina Miller, never thinking that the dusky, trophy-wife of a millionaire sounding it off to the British people might just annoy the Great British people no end and make them even more determined to see Brexit through.

When Gina and the judges let you down you increased the volume of your Losers' Vote idea. Alas, the parties who ended up with a majority on the Commons could not come together sufficiently to vote for such a measure.

All they had to do was unite temporarily behind Jeremy Corbyn, and support a government headed by him until the legislation for the Losers' Vote had been passed, but even that was too much for this collection of sad-arsed clowns.

So, eventually, without any rioting or even demonstrations, we got our General Election and we, the Brexiteers, united behind the Tories and we gave Boris Johnson an 80 seat majority. The Federasts voted for all and sundry which was further proof that they are as thick as two short planks:

 All of which led to this glorious moment. I really would like to thank the defeated for their hubris, which more than anything else gave us our victory.

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