Friday 24 June 2016

Thoughts on the day after the Brexit storm

As the Brexit storm dies down and a new day dawns over this country, I want to reflect, briefly, on the momentous events of yesterday. We, the people, took one look at just about every vested interest that was ranged against us, be it the City of London, the CBI,  to say nothing of all the senior politicians and serious political parties, and we decided that we didn't really care about them anymore. We decided that we would make up our own minds, thank you very much, and by God we did. The Brexit winds then blew, and today the country is becalmed as we all come to terms with the magnificence of yesterday's achievement.

My role was minimal, arguing the cause in Edinburgh, a city that, sadly, voted overwhelmingly to remain under the control of Brussels. Luckily for us, the Scottish government campaigned on a pan-British platform with senior figures even going to London to argue the doomed Federast cause, so they can hardly complain when a national vote goes against them. They will of course, but it does make them look rather ridiculous.

I was roped into becoming one of the scrutineers for Leave at yesterday's Edinburgh count, which was a pity as the heat in the three rooms where it took place was such that I could barely stay upright. My body was protesting even before I entered the halls, so I made my excuses and left at about 1.00am, which was over two hours before the city result was declared.

No that there was any doubt as to what that result was going to be. We tried our best, but were losing so heavily from the very start that the mood amongst the few Brexiteers who were there was sombre in the extreme.  

The Federasts were out in force, all trying to be important with their little clipboards, trying to do sample counts of the results. I was the only Brexiteer in the Edinburgh North and Leith hall and I didn't need a bloody clipboard to work out that we would be lucky to get thirty percent of the vote. Still, I suppose they had to at least try and pretend that they were doing something important, because they sure as hell did nothing during the campaign. The only people who did were the Brexiteers so the honours of war go to us, and as many people have said since the result was declared, our tallies when added to the rest of the country, gave us the victory that all can now enjoy.

Arriving home I switched on the TV and started to chat on the 'phone to an old friend in Southern England. Slowly but surely it became clear that overall the people of Britain had voted for freedom, and that vote was led by Wales and Northern England. Then Southern England outside London joined in, and it seemed as if a great tidal surge was heading freedom's way. I could not believe it, but it became clearer as the dawn began to light up the new day that we had just done what nobody ever thought possible. We had overturned over half a century of British state policy, and were demanding that the politicians listen to us, the people of Britain, for once.

Great civilisations are remembered for their artefacts and the actions of their people, not their bank rates. Yesterday, the people of this country showed that they are as worthy to inherit the responsibility of keeping  the national flame alive as any who came before.

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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed your article, Ken, and yes indeed, despite the moanings and groanings of the liberal lefties and some of the Establishment, Britain voted for greatness outside EU control!


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