Wednesday 15 June 2016

British fishermen supporting Brexit are mocked by wealthy Federasts on a Thames pleasure cruiser

A flotilla of over thirty small working fishing boats sailed into London today to demand that Britain leave the EU. They were greeted by a collection of millionaire dilettantes aboard a floating gin palace who made their views towards the working people of Britain who have had their livelihood destroyed by the EU very clear indeed:

Others decided to hire small dingies and then go out on the water for a spot of jolly japery at the expense of the real people who actually have to work for a living:

Eventually a fishing boat decided that the gin palace needed a hose down to demonstrate the contempt that the ordinary people have for the antics of the posturing ninnies aboard her:

Nigel Farage, of all people, summed up what a lot of people will be thinking as they look back on today's events:

And so as we head into the final days of the campaign to free our country, it all comes down to this. It is not a battle between the old left and the old right: it is a fight  between the people of Britain, and the wealthy establishment parasites who want to keep their plush berths on the gravy train.


  1. The EU took control of a 200 mile range of British waters. They allowed' OUR' fisherman to fish 13% in those waters but were only 'allowed' to keep around 30% of that catch, the EU fished the rest. The EU's Common Fisheries Policy (CPF) has turned British fishing waters into a free-for-all for industrial scale foreign trawlers from countries such as France, Spain, Holland and Portugal. Added to which, millions of tonnes of perfectly edible fish had to be thrown back into the sea under the EU’s shameful discard policy. When stocks of fish were depleted and running dry, the EU put restrictions on what our fisherman could keep, many fish had to be thrown back dead, in the name of conservation, unfortunately dead fish don't breed. The CFP has led directly to a massive depletion of British fish stocks, the loss of thousands of British trawling jobs and the social and economic decline of many coastal towns. Scotland’s fishing industry has been decimated by the EU’s CFP policies. ( you’d never guess that judging by Ms Sturgeon’s slavish support for the EU) Fishermen could no longer afford to have boats in the harbour and in the end the EU decommissioned the boats and had them broken up, a bit like the steam trains so they could never return”
    Because of both this and an abundance of red tape the number of dependents on the fishing industry fell from 630,000 to 12,000, taking away jobs that had been in their families for generations giving them no hope for the future. We didn’t see any governments protecting those jobs, very selective are our politicians at which jobs we want to save. Ironically, although we live on an island we buy in fish from the EU, from the very same fishermen that catch their fish in British waters, you couldn’t make it up.
    Norway is a prime example of what our fishing industry could have been. They have retained the rights to their fishing waters they are free to trawl in those waters and don’t have to abide by strict EU laws on quotas (those which fishermen in the UK are outraged by) Norway makes an estimated £5.5billion a year from exporting its fish. Being outside the EU means Norway can put high import tax on fish imported by EU countries. So it’s a win win situation for them.

  2. This has to be stopped.Vote leave this GREEDY EU.


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