Sunday 26 June 2016

Edinburgh's Brexiteers enjoy their well earned victory celebration

Quite rightly the Edinburgh Brexiteer group had its victory celebrations in a Wetherspoons pub. Given that the chain had done so much to help the cause with its publicity on every table, we thought it only right and proper that we meet up for the last time in one of their hostelries, so we did.

Not everyone who had turned out for us over the past months was able to make it, but there were enough of us there to celebrate this momentous victory.

By the time I took this photo I was too well oiled to even notice that I had somehow managed to switch the flash off. The later photographs are even worse as I could barely hold the camera straight.

One by one the former members of the group said their goodbyes and wandered off to restart their lives. A very small group of us had one for the road, and then another to chase it down, and then the pub closed at midnight and that was that.

It is still hard to believe that an ad-hoc group of people who had only come together with the common aim of freeing our country, a group that was largely ignored by the official Leave campaign and from whom we had to pretty much scrounge materials, could have played such a major role in so momentous an event. 

We were the only group in the whole city that campaigned for Brexit, so a sizeable chunk of the vote that went to Brexit here came out as a result of our efforts.

We did it - we won - after all those decades, it is finally over.

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