Wednesday 15 June 2016

Desperate Federasts provide yet more free entertainment to the people of Britain

As the Federast cause runs deeper and deeper into the electoral mire, it's proponents are forced to resort to even more mindless rants which only show to the rest of us just how desperate they are becoming. Take the Guardian's reaction to this cartoon as a case in point. The cartoon is not exactly brilliant, but it has not been lifted from a Nazi publication circa 1936. All it does is make the point that the EU is going down into the abyss as the UK sails away to freedom. However, for the Graun this is all evidence of waycism, Nazism, and God knows what else.

Coming hard on the heels of Owen Jones and his Kevin the teenager strop the other day, or Eddie Izzard's entertaining loss of the plot on Question Time, the reaction to this cartoon is nothing to write home about, but it is amusing none the less.

Not as amusing as the reaction will be from types like this when the votes are counted next week, we hope, but it all gives normal people something to smile about as we buckle down for the final week of campaigning for independence.

1 comment:

  1. Labour once again trying to insult the intelligence of the electorate with their offer to reform free movement from within. Not bad enough, Labours' stance on the EU was not decided though open debate, but behind closed doors, where dissenters were bullied into towing the Party line. What is this fascist junta?


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