Tuesday 7 June 2016

Brexit gets a boost from Mike Ashley of Sports Direct

Mike Ashley, the multizillionaire owner of Sports Direct probably did more to help the Brexit vote today than anything that anyone has said up to now. He admitted that his company had failed to pay workers the minimum wage, and had no real answer to the question as to why so many ambulances have been called to the main warehouse over the years. One was for a woman who was giving birth in a toilet, which suggests that the reason is a  company policy of managerial terror of their workforce. In short, the workers are so shit scared of losing their jobs that they clock on even when their waters are about to break.

The Federasts will argue that this has nothing to do with the European Union, when actually is has everything to do with it. The EU gives management scum more options because it allows for a free movement of labour. Management can then adopt a policy of hire, fire and terrorise because they know that there is a plentiful supply of cheap, easy to manage labour that can be brought in at a moment's notice. The workers know it as well, which is why they report for duty even when they can feel that the babies inside their wombs are ready to drop.

A vote for Brexit is a vote to restrict the options of all management scum. Just the act of voting to leave the EU will send a signal to the army of scab labourers who are quite happy to come over here to cut the wages that the welcome mat has been removed.

The simple fact of cutting off that supply of labour means that wages for the people in Britain will rise. Management scum will have to offer higher wages to the workers otherwise they will quite simply go and work somewhere else.

The Federasts will also argue that Farage is a libertarian who wants to reduce workers' rights. Good for him, becasue we are not voting for Farage, are we?

We are voting for ourselves. Voting to stick two fingers up to management scum so that the bastards know that they days of hire, fire and terrorise are well and truly over.


  1. As an ex-employer most of my working life, (now in my 80's) I found it amusing to sit back and watch people who have never had a proper job, any supervisory positions or been self employed try to " grill " an old hand at all of those things . He made it happen over many years managing to put a wage packet in all those peoples hand every Friday and now you try to make him a victim of his own success ? where is the reality ? Some of those "Damn-fool" questions are the reason for a great many failures in this country. sabotage by works committees, interferance by the unions and unabated red-tape/ suppression by Gov't regulation all contribute to management ineptitude and failure in many cases encouraged by EU subjegation and overbearance.

    1. This man is scum, pure and simple


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