Tuesday 21 June 2016

Official Remain campaign strategy is to use the Jo Cox murder for political gain

That didn't take long did it? I mean for the Federasts to start using Jo Cox's murder as an emotional blackmailing tool. If you want to know when Cllr Anne Lee's post went up on Facebook, the answer is Saturday, 18th June, which was just two days after the murder. The day when other Federasts got on their high horses with our Brexit stalls in Edinburgh, in other words. Sure, she has since apologised for the comment, but that was only after a petition was got up demanding her resignation

One councillor is neither here nor there, but the strategy of waving Jo Cox's shroud seems to have become a tactic that has the approval of the Federast high command.

Will Straw, the son of the former Home Secretary, Jack Straw of cursed memory, sent an e-mail out to his troops which runs in part: “Jo Cox was a friend of mine – and a passionate voice in our campaign to remain in Europe. Her death was an unimaginable tragedy – but we won’t let her voice be silenced.” Straw Jr then went on to enclose the text of Cox's last article which was a hymn of praise to immigration and asked his footsoldiers to pass it along to any wavering voters that they might know.

Now here's the thing, on our Brexit stall over the weekend we had a small tribute to Jo Cox on display:

Just a photograph, the eulogy that was written by her widower, and a rose, but it was there on our stall. Nobody forced us to put it there, because our group was autonomous and we did as we pleased, but we had it because we are normal people who were as stunned, shocked and sickened by her hideous murder as every other normal person was.

In other words, we are not a collection of loathsome political chancers who seek to use a tragedy for their own political ends.

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