Thursday 3 March 2016

Lord Rose, chief federast, admits that Brexit would see workers' wages go up

Less than a week ago I posted a piece which made the uncontroversial point that if the supply of labour were to be restricted via a Brexit, then the price of that labour would rise. That would be especially true for the unskilled who have suffered the most from the free movement of scab labour into the country, but it would also have a knock-on effect on other groups of workers as well.

Yesterday, Lord Rose who is the leader of Britain Stronger in Europe, the main federast group that wishes to keep the UK in the European Union, and your wages down, admitted just that: a vote for Brexit would probably see wages rise as a consequence.

As you can see from the video clip, he is not happy about having to make that admission, but make it he did.

Vote to leave the EU and you are voting for higher wages. Vote to stay in and you are condemning yourself and your children to a lifetime of shit wages for shit jobs for shit employers.

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