Sunday 28 February 2016

Immigration is about keeping your wages down: Brexit is about seeing them rise

Go to any Northern English mill town and start asking the older people when the first Pakistanis arrived. Before long, someone will give you chapter and verse, and probably also tell you which company shipped the newcomers into the town, and by how much they cut the wages.

I lived in Nelson, Lancashire between 2010 and 2013, and more than one neighbour was only too happy to tell me that a company called Smith and Nephew brought the first group of Pakistanis in to work the night shift at the company's mill back in the 1960s. In those days the going rate for a unskilled night worker in a mill was £7.00 a week, so Smith and Nephew paid its new workers £6.00 every week.

The notion that immigration is good for Britain is nonsense. It is certainly good for the employers who get the cheap labour. The middle class love immigration because it gives them an army of cheap plumbers and nannies. It also gives the middle class another opportunity to look down on us, because they can condemn our attempts to defend our living standards as waycism, but then again, the middle class has always been very good at covering its self interest with a sanctimonious veneer of self-righteousness.

Back in the 1960s the Labour government of the day could bring in the first Race Relations Acts which prevented management from paying immigrants at a lower rate than the locals, but today we live in a world of hire and fire where management scum can pay whatever they like. Thanks to that, coupled with borders that are wide open to anyone from the Third World parts of Eastern Europe, there is no pressure on any management to pay anything above the minimum wage.

It is a simple economic fact that an oversupply of labour keeps the price of that labour low, and that is true across the board. Even skilled workers, such as lorry drivers who used to be very well paid, are now finding that the influx of foreign workers acts to keep their take home pay down.

By voting to leave the European Union on the 23 June 2016 the ordinary people of this country will send a signal to the employers and those who spend a lifetime with their noses jammed up those employers' ring pieces.

It is then not to fanciful to speculate that within weeks of the vote to leave having been registered, the supply of cheap labour from Eastern Europe may start to dry up. Partly this will be because British management will be having an arse-clenching moment, so might stop actively recruiting scab labour from Eastern Europe, but it will also be because people from those countries will realise that the low-wage jobs are no longer available.

Just think for a moment on the fact that if foreign labour ceases to flood into the country then almost by definition your wages will start to rise. If there is no longer a reserve army of unemployed and underemployed people then management will have to start offering better wages to you and to people like you. They may hate you as much as you hate them, but they are not stupid and they need someone to labour so as to create the wealth that they skim off and enjoy. That someone could be you, with for the first time in your life, a decent bloody wage packet burning a hole in your pocket.

Now I have no doubt that the federasts will argue that companies will move abroad if the ordinary people of Britain refuse to continue accepting rule by Brussels. Some companies may even do that, but we won't know whether they will or not until after we have voted to give the two-fingered salute to the European Union.

What is true, and what cannot be denied, is the fact that you spend your lives going from one crappy job to another, with long periods on the social in between. Those crappy jobs are often via an agency, so really, can anyone honestly say that those crappy jobs are worth defending?

Think about it for a moment. Can your life be any worse? Yes, independence is a gamble, of course it is, but what is the worst that can happen to you if the gamble fails? That you might lose your shitty job, for your shitty wage? You are probably going to lose that job anyway, sooner rather than later. The company will tell the agency that they don't need as many workers next week, and you will get a text message on your mobile 'phone telling you to go to the joke shop to sign on for a bit until something else that is equally shitty turns up for you.

Now let's look ahead and speculate a bit. By demanding that our country becomes independent once more, you will be in a position to demand long-term changes to the way that our country is run. The political class who support the European Union, and the employers' organisations who do so as well out of it, will all be discredited, just by your simple act of refusing to be intimidated and casting your ballot to leave the EU. You will have seen through all their fairy stories and by voting to leave you will have demonstrated your complete and utter contempt for all of them.

The politicians especially will have to start listening to you for once because they, and the middle class as a whole, will start shitting their loads. They will be afraid of what you might do next, having got the taste of power in your mouths. You can imagine that Labour politicians will start scampering to come up with policies that appeal to us and to people like us. Regulation of the economy, nationalisation of industries to ensure that ordinary people get a decent screw, all that will suddenly appear back on the agenda again.

Of course they won't do that because they love us, but because we will have made them afraid. To protect their own positions in society they will look for policies that will buy us off and keep us happy. So long as those policies involve decent wages and good terms and conditions, why should we be care? I take the view that you cannot buy me, but you can rent me for 35 hours a week, so long as you are not too lippy and pay me decently. I suspect that most working people think like that, and so they should.

So, if you are happy doing a shit job, for a shit wage, for a shit gaffer then of course you should vote to stay in the European Union. On the other hand, if you want something better, if you can just smell the opportunities that independence might bring, then you should go to the polling station on the 23 June 2016 and vote to leave the European Union for once and for all.

Seriously, your life cannot get any worse than it is already, and there is the possibility of good times ahead.

What's not to like about that?

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