Friday 26 February 2016

School calls police after pupil visits anti-EU website

You would think that a secondary school would be pleased when one of its 15 year old pupils decided to visit a political website, but the Wildern School in Southampton got very stroppy with Joe Taylor for having the temerity to visit the UKIP webpage. So stroppy, in fact, that they called for Plod, who promptly sent an anti-terrorism officer along to try and intimidate Joe and his dad, Mick.

The anti-terrorist police then accused Joe of being an "activist" for UKIP and told him that it was "not right" to visit the anti-EU site. 

I am stunned by this story, and reminded of the little matter in Rotherham back in 2012 when a couple were told by the town's social work industry that they could not continue to foster Eastern European children because they were members of UKIP, a racist party, according to the social workers.

What we are looking at here is an example of middle class arse-clenching at the thought that the people of Britain might no be longer prepared to accept the guff that the local elite gives them. By local elite, I mean the teachers, social workers, council penpushers and other assorted rabble who combine to make people's lives as miserable as possible on the estates.

This overreaction by one sad little school isn't about UKIP. It is about the fear that the local polyocracy has that it might lose control of the people; that the people might vote in their own interests and against the interests of the parasitic local government nomenklatura.

It kind of makes you more determined than ever to vote for the UK to leave the EU, doesn't it? Giving two fingers to a rabble like that is just a good in itself.

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