Monday 21 March 2016

Forget the IDS of March; let's get Crabb

Far too many people are gloating about the resignation of Iain Duncan Smith, and not looking at Stephen Crabb, his replacement as chief benefit cutter.

IDS had a degree of autonomy within the dark ranks of this regime based on the limited gravitas he had as a former party leader. Crabb, on the other hand, owes everything to David Cameron and can be expected to do his master's bidding no matter how vile the ideas may seem to normal people.

To make matters worse, Crabb is one of those servant types who was brought up in poverty on a council estate and no intends to put as much clear blue water between himself and the people he has left behind as possible.

Here is is, as portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson, with Leonardo DiCaprio acting as David Cameron:

Get the picture? Crabb has no power of his own, and like the good and faithful servant that he is, he will follow Master Cameron's instructions to the letter.

Not only that, but he will love every minute of it as he sticks the boot in his own class.


  1. working class Tories - worth their weight in sh1t

  2. Yeah, fucking right. They commit the ultimate blasphemy.


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