Friday 4 March 2016

Informercial oil videos go viral, thanks to some amazing presenters

The girl on the left is Juliana Morgan, but sadly I have no idea what the name of  the delight on the right is.

Both girls feature in an identical promotional video for a process of oil refining, or something, with Juliana speaking English and  the other one Spanish. Normally these videos get a couple of hundred hits, but so far Juliana has been watched over half a million times with the Spanish speaker getting about 25,000 hits.

There is a Japanese language version, but the girl in that one lacks the professional attributes of the other two, which is probably why she has only had about 12,000 hits. That's not to say that her attributes are bad, just not as all encompassing as those carried by the others.

If you wish to consider the information contained in these videos, then the English, Spanish and Japanese versions are all to be found at YouTube. 

Just try not to go into a trance...

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