Wednesday 9 March 2016

Dare you learn The Secrets of the Santa Muerte?

The Secrets of the Santa Muerte is now available to buy from the publisher's website for the very reasonable price of just £4.99 plus postage. It will be available from Amazon and all other good booksellers by the end of May, I hope, but for now this is the only place where you can get it.

If you are one of the first twenty-five people to buy the book at the publisher's site, then I will give you a Santa Muerte card, with the image of the Dark Goddess on one side and a conjuration, in Spanish, naturally, on the other. Just drop me a line, let me have a scanned copy of your receipt, and I will post one to you free, gratis and for nothing: just don't forget your address!

The Santa Muerte is probably the fastest growing folk religion in the world today.  From its humble origins in the slums of Mexico City, the Santa Muerte now has millions of worshippers throughout Mexico, Central-America and across the United States. This book gives a brief history of the Dark Goddess, before telling the readers everything they need to know about the spells and incantations that are used by her adherents. This is a must-have book for anyone who wishes to enter into the service of the Dark Lady of the Shadows, and receive the benefits that she bestows upon her followers.

It's also going to be a great read for anyone who is interested in the British Wicca tradition, as they will recognise variants of many of the spells and practices from their  own craft, be it the Alexandrian or Gardnerian schools. I suppose that folk religions and magic all have their roots in a similar set of beliefs, so the similarities are understandable.

If you are still not sure, then click on the top link anyway and from there you can download a full chapter to read as a PDF on your own computer. 

The e-book version of The Secrets of the Santa Muerte will be available by the end of this month, but believe me, this book is one for your bookshelf, not your Kindle.

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