Wednesday 23 March 2016

The disabled are driving the Tory regime to distraction

The Personal Independence Payment benefit was introduced by the scummy Tories to cut the bill for Disability Living Allowance, which was the existing benefit paid to the disabled. Alas for the Tories, they mucked things up on two levels:

The first is that often people who had a lifetime DLA award, and whose condition then deteriorated did not tell the DWP. Had they done so then the whole award would have come under review. People know just how verminous the Tories are, so they settled for the half loaf that they already had, rather than risk it all with a full review of their claim.

However, and here is where the fun begins, PIP by definition involves a full assessment of a claimant's disabilities. So some people who were on lifetime DLA awards suddenly found that they were getting higher rates under PIP because their existing condition had worsened, but they had not said anything to protect their DLA.

Secondly, even though many more people found that their award was being cut, because PIP is more tightly drawn than DLA, the government then discovered to its surprise that disability does not respect social class. There may be people in the leafy shires who are crippled, but they are not stupid, and they can afford good lawyers to argue their appeals. Folk on the council estates can rely on an army of charities that give them free legal advice and across the board the advice is appeal, appeal and appeal again.

The regime could afford to fight all those expensive appeals, so it relied on making paper submissions to the appeal tribunals. If you turn up with your lawyer then you have a better than average chance of winning your case, which means more costs to the Tories.

So the fuckers then announced plans to recruit more people to argue the regime's cases at the tribunal level, but all that means is that the regime is now prepared to spunk away more money in its failed attempt to save money. Does that make sense to you? If so, please let the rest of us know just what is going on here.

Let's be honest - the Tories thought that it was open season on people like me. They dismissed us as gimps, spastics and mongs, but we have done something that nobody else has managed so far: we have forced a cabinet minster to resign, to be replaced by a loyal and faithful servant of the capitalist class who is treated with contempt by almost everyone. We  changed government policy and reduced the regime to one that seems to be in office, but not in power.

You have no idea how glorious it is for disabled old me to sit back and survey the wreckage of this government and its policies.


  1. We will keep fighting the monsters. Even if they do try to censor our protests.

  2. We've got to get the £30 cut to WRAG group restored....keep fighting....

  3. Leaving the EU might well make things worse for poor & vulnerable - IDS wants it, so beware...

    1. I wholeheartedly agree. There is no "might" about it. It would definitely make things worse.

  4. I do not really give a stuff about IDS and what he wants. I want Britain out of the EU because the EU is a front for the employers and those who have their noses jammed up the ring-pieces of the employers. If you want revenge for the decades after 1979, then you should vote to leave the EU. It is a step on the road to retribution.

  5. If we leave the EU, you do realise we will have no rights as a disabled citizen? They could then remove PIP altogether and you wouldn't be able to do a thing about it. Additionally, they will change the voting laws and so we will be permanently under a Tory Government. Make no mistake leaving the EU would be very detrimental to the disabled.

  6. PIP can be removed as DLA was - the EU has nothing to do with that. The voting laws are set by Westminster for the UK and Holyrood for Scotland, which is why 16 year olds now have the vote in Scottish elections. The EU was not involved in that, either. Finally, the plans to reduce the Commons to 600 seats, which will also tell against Labour has bollock all to do with Brussels.

    If you are the best that the federasts can produce then I reckon that Leave will walk it.


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