Saturday 16 May 2015

Roads into Scotland blocked as thousands seek sanctuary from Toryism

The refugees seeking to flee the Tory lands without braving the raging torrents of the River Tweed, are being greeted with new road signs as they reach the Scottish border. A Scottish government spokesman told the media that Scots need not worry about the cost of the new signs, since the Cameron government has already announced a vast tranche of new funding for Scotland that will all be paid for out of increased taxes raised on the hard working families in Nuneaton, Harlow and East Cheam.

The A1 is still clogged with people seeking sanctuary, with the result that the need to widen it has become pressing. Reports indicate that work will start on upgrading the road to motorway standard very soon, with thanks once again going to those hard working people in Nuneaton, Harlow and East Cheam who really do carry the weight of Britain on their overtaxed shoulders.

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