Wednesday 6 May 2015

Labour and Tory conspire together in yet another seat

Following on from the Thanet South love-in, yet more evidence emerges of the quite shameless way in which Labour candidates ally themselves with their Tory counterparts so that both parties can keep their snouts in the public trough. It's happening pretty much across the board in Scotland where what is left of Labour's membership is being encouraged to get the vote out for the Tories in the three border constituencies, but at least they don't allow themselves to be photographed doing it all that often.

In England Labour doesn't seem to care who knows that there is now a seemingly official alliance between Labour and Tory to squeeze UKIP's political nuts. Take the photo of Claire Jeffrey, who is the Labour candidate for Folkestone and Hythe and Damian Collins the sitting Tory MP as a case in point.

You see, it really shouldn't matter to a socialist if UKIP do well in that seat because in spite of all its protestations, UKIP really is the voice of Poujadist Britain. In  a nutshell, the core Kipper vote really is the self employed, the small business owner, or the lower management arsewipes that you find in larger firms. In other words they  are part of what I call the aspirational scrote element in society, and are as far removed from Labour's core vote of McJobbers and claimants as it is possible to get.

It is in Labour's interests to encourage the Kippers to stay loyal to their suburban dream so as to split the right-wing vote. Every seat that UKIP takes from the Tories reduces the chances of Cameron having anything approaching a majority when the dust settles tomorrow night. Not only that, but the higher the UKIP vote, the greater are the chances that Labour can slither though the middle in many a seat to grab it for themselves. 

In Scotland Labour are now dismissed as the red Tories, and the working class in the central belt are swinging behind the SNP as a result. Obviously in England there is no left alternative to Labour, but that's not to say that working class people can't sit on their hands tomorrow and not vote at all.

With idiocy like this all Labour does is encourage people to think that there really is no difference between the two main parties, and ignore the vote tomorrow. The only people who gain from that are the Tories.

Why are Labour so fucking stupid as to help the Tories like this?

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