Tuesday 28 April 2015

Labour in South Thanet gives a lesson in how to lose an election by siding with Tories

Meet Will Scobie and Craig Mackinley, the Labour and Tory candidates in Thanet South who now seem to be engaged in a love-in. Don't ask me which is which because as UKIP have been quick to point out, it doesn't really matter:

The excuse for all this is the unverified claim that UKIP has been joined by demonstrators from the National Front who are trying to break up Labour and Conservative meetings. No evidence has been produced to back this claim as yet.

What has emerged is this video which the toytown left are trying to spin as an attack on ordinary people in Thanet South. Actually if you watch it you can see that it is a demonstration against a small group of the followers of St. Leon the Loser, headed by a woman in hideous red hair named Bunny la Roche. 

If the name rings a bell, Bunny was the woman on a recent Question Time who screamed abuse at all and sundry:

Nope Not Hope has more information about her, and even far left sites such as Socialist Unity find her too much to stomach.

All this leaves me rather puzzled. UKIP takes its support mainly from former Tory voters. Many of them may be of the Alf Garnett school of thought, but they are still not disgruntled Labour people. In other words, UKIP hurts the Tories more than it hurts Labour, so why is Will Scobie not leaving  Sir Bufton Tufton from the Tories and UKIP's Alf Garnett to slog it out between themselves? A split right means that he could take the seat, which is all that matters in electoral politics when you think about it.

Secondly, why are both Labour and Tory seeming to ally themselves with Trotscum? At the end of the day, all those weirdos want to do is use whatever issue is important at the moment to garner more recruits for their wanky little sect.

I can sort of understand why the Tory's Craig Mackinley might be afraid since it has just emerged that he was involved with a company that advised Eastern Europeans on how they could claim benefits in the UK. Obviously he will want to distract attention from that wheeze to try and avoid his vote sliding over to UKIP, but what is Labour's excuse?

Thanks to the cack-handed way that Labour has behaved in Thanet South, all the party has done is confirm what UKIP have been saying for years, namely that there is no difference between Labour and the Tories.

Nice work, Will. This has probably lost you the election and helped get Nigel Farage elected.

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