Friday 3 April 2015

Tory attack advert actually helps Labour and the SNP

Hard though it may be for you to believe but I am running an official Tory campaign video on this here blog of mine. I know, I can't believe it either, but if the silly sods in Tory Central Office are going to provide Labour and the SNP with valuable agitprop like this then I would be a mug not to take advantage of their utter stupidity.

I can understand the strategy behind this is to scare their core voters back into line with the sphincter-clenching thought that Labour may return to power with the support of the SNP. Then, horror of horrors, the new government might even put forward policies that appeal to ordinary people, as opposed to those that are aimed at the saloon bar fascists and their pursed-lipped, cruelly permed wives.

The problem with this wheeze is that a lot of Labour voters in England have given up on a party that has taken them for granted for far too many years as it chases after the aspirational scrote vote in Southern England. After last night's debate when Nicola Sturgeon appealed directly to English voters by telling them that the SNP would work positively with Labour, those voters could very well turn out to cast a ballot for Labour, knowing full well that the SNP will pull the party to the left. This advert actually reinforces that view and that is why it is actually better for Labour than it is for the Tories.

Miliband is to the left of most of his party, so without the SNP he will be pulled rightward. However, with a large SNP cohort in Westminster, Miliband has a perfect cover that he can use to put forward leftist policies that appeal to the council estates. Let's face it, he can blame the SNP, can't he?

Come on the English: get out of your chairs and vote Labour on the 7th May and leave the rest to Scotland and the SNP. 

It's what the Tories are dreading the most!

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