Sunday 5 April 2015

Nicola Sturgeon offers Labour something we can all say yes to

The nonsense about Nicola Sturgeon's supposed comments have been pretty thoroughly debunked, in that everyone involved has accepted that she is not working towards another Tory government. Now Sturgeon has put the silliness beyond doubt by throwing down a challenge to Ed Miliband. To quote her own words: “If together our parties have the parliamentary numbers required after 7 May, and regardless of which is the biggest party, will he and Labour join with us in locking David Cameron out of Downing Street?”

Obviously Ed Miliband cannot agree to this wheeze until the polls close on the 7th May, as to do so would be to cast his 59 candidates adrift in the whole of Scotland. However, the message to the people in England is quite clear: no matter who wins in Scotland, an anti-Tory will be elected next month. It is now up to working people in England to put aside whatever doubts they have about Labour and vote for Ed's team.

Just a week ago I travelled south and spent a few days in the Eccles district of Salford. It's poor, drab and should be chomping at the bit to get  Tory scum out of office. Instead apathy seems to reign with people telling me the old story that "they are all the same," and that "the parties are only in it for themselves."

Sure, Labour is not offering a golden dawn lit by the glowing rays of socialism, but it is offering the people in Eccles something better than the shit sarnie which is what the Tories want them to bite down on.

So you do your bit by voting Labour and we will do ours by casting a ballot for the SNP: that's something that we can both say Yes to!


  1. I agree Ed is keeping much close to his chest inc most policy but I still believe he is the man to take us forward whether that be a majority labour govt or a coalition with the SNP who will be the biggest party ahead of the libdems and ukip

    Indeed he will have no other choice as his aim is the same to lock out the vile tories and I see this option a very close reality which is no bad thing as I believe the SNP will push labour more to the left where they should be.


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