Tuesday 7 April 2015

The SNP aims for an inclusive campaign

Now that Easter is over the election campaign can get into full gear but only the SNP have a fully staffed campaign shop here in Edinburgh North and Leith. I wandered along there to grab a few window posters for myself, and to give out to anyone on my street who fancies one.

I was taken with the badges that were being handed out, especially the one that you can see on the left. The SNP logo is obvious at the top, but other than that the badge is aimed at people like me who hate the Tories, but are afraid that Labour is just too keen on keeping the votes of the aspirational scrote element in Southern England to worry about the rest of us.

The man running the shop was quite happy to admit that this election is not about independence, it is about making sure that the Tories are slung out and that the new Labour government is held to account by as many SNP Members of Parliament as possible.

That suits me down to the ground.

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