Thursday 7 May 2015

Vote Labour in England today

Please vote Labour in England today, if you haven't already done so. Yeah, I know, they really are a party of the rich at national level and the middle class at local, but they are still a better option than the Tories. It means gritting your teeth and voting for some pretty unpleasant characters who have nothing in common with you either culturally or economically, but they are the best we have at the moment.

A lot of people think that all the parties are the same at heart,  and that may be true, but it's also not the point. Labour is the one party that has to listen to the claimants and McJobbers because we are the bulk of its voting core. Tony Blair defied the millions who marched in opposition to his war against Iraq, but he backed down from his plan to cut disability benefits when a few claimants in wheelchairs chained themselves to some railings in Whitehall.

The Tories are the party that gets turned on by the thought of cuts to social services. They are the party that is ideologically committed to ensuring that there is deep blue ocean between the working and middle classes. In short, the Tories are the party of the pissants who want to stand on their anthills and piss on the people below them. 

Labour does not have that nasty voting core, so has less interest in pandering to pissantery than the Tories. I suppose in a nutshell, you have more chance of getting a better deal out of life with Labour than the Tories.

I know that it's not much, but if you don't get out and vote then all you do is allow the pissants to gloat tomorrow. If you do vote then tomorrow they will feel like shit.

Making pissants feel like shit is just a good in itself - so vote Labour today.

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