Thursday 7 May 2015

Vote SNP in Scotland today

The nice thing about moving to Scotland is that I don't have to grit my teeth and vote Labour because I have the SNP to vote for. I have just returned from the polling station having done just that and I hope that what readers I have in Scotland will do the same.

To be honest I am lucky in having a good candidate in Deirdre Brock here in Edinburgh North & Leith which made my decision easier. When I moved into my current gaff a year ago the council messed up my housing benefit claim and then told me that it would take about two months to sort the mess out. I got in touch with la Brock who is currently one of my local councillors, only to find that she was abroad on holiday. Give the woman credit because she took time out from sunning herself to give the council's pen pushers a taste of the heavy manners and within 48 hours  the problem had been solved. I even got a nice e-mail from the chief Dalek in the housing benefit office apologising for the distress caused.

If I was wavering, commitment like that would be enough to push me into the SNP camp, but to be honest the need to get the SNP elected in as many seats as possible overrides all other concerns at the moment. People in England should vote Labour as the least worst option, but a heavy SNP presence will help keep Miliband's team on the left hand path.

Not only that, but reading various stories from the press it looks as if the aspirational scrote element in Southern England and the Midlands are having a collective arsehole clench at the thought of a big SNP presence influencing Labour. So the chance to stick two fingers up to the denizens of crappy little towns that enjoyed voting to close down our factories and attack our unions back in the day is just too good to miss. 

For the first time in many long years it seems as if the sun is about to shine on ordinary people.

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