Tuesday 9 September 2014

Why Gordon Brown's IndyRef initiative looks doomed

In case you have forgotten, this is Gordon Brown, the former UK Prime Mentalist. In a desperate attempt to head off the looming Yes vote next week, Brown has been put in charge of the Better Together campaign and has started to promise pretty much anything to the people in the hope that we will vote No.

Also in case you have forgotten, here is the reason why Scotland looks set to vote Yes:

So long as there was the possibility of a Labour government that would cancel the changes that the old slag on the right made, then most of Britain was happy. However, in 1997, we did not get a Labour government, what we got was a regime headed by the grinning buffoon on the left, who carried on Thatcher's policies.

The argument is that Blair's changes were needed so that Labour could get elected, and that is true. However, all that means is that Southern England had changed and the rest of us hadn't.

Voting Yes on the 18 September is a vote to give a two-fingered gesture to the Tories, to New Labour, and to those who pander to them. It's a gamble, but one well worth taking for a people who have now spent over thirty years with crappy jobs, for a crappy wage, under a crappy employer, all interspersed with long years on the social.

A Yes vote is about more than independence for the northern third of the island of Britain: it is a vote for revenge.

Let's seize the moment.

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