Monday 8 September 2014

Edinburgh is becoming a sea of Yes posters and more

There is a fair wind blowing towards the independence shore, and Edinburgh is becoming a sea of posters to herald it. The battle now is not between Yes and No as the Noes never even took part in that fight, so sure were they that victory was theirs. The contest now is within the Yes camp to see just how much of a display can be arranged in the windows.

It started off with the odd solitary poster in people's windows, such as this one of mine which stood alone on my street for quite some time:

As more and more posters appeared in windows, some bright sparks decided to make their display more noticeable by putting out a flag:

Not to be outdone, the people opposite this flag flyer decided to combine flags with posters:

What a wonderful pissing contest this has become!

Travelling down Leith Walk today I saw two shops with Yes posters in their windows. Frankly, I have never seen a political poster in any shop window before as shopkeepers know that you don't alienate customers, but that rule seems to have gone out the window here. Could it be that they know that the numbers they risk alienating are getting fewer with each day that passes?

Let us pray that the fair wind continues to blow and that we shall reach harbour safely.

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